Plebeian School of QBL

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Vulgar Exoteric Tarot and Numerolinguisms

The Plebeian School of QBL was founded without the contentious details of having attended to oral studies with mystic masters. Its simple results are put forward in a doctrinarian and dogmatic manner in order to speak to the common mind, completely clear of any attempts to usurp the authority of those who came before.

The school has developed its own QBListic methods, inclusive of a tetraktyl Plebeian Tree (and MATRIX) which it uses to attempt an understanding of the mysteries of the universe through an explication of Tarot. Its reverse-engineering method makes no condescension about Sacred Alphabets and Creator Gods necessary, the focus instead resting on how geometry, numbers and letters might coalesce into a signifying whole through the absurdist vehicle of a card game.

In the construction of an evaluative dictionary of its termset, the school has sought to build in several directions from initial groundbreaking advance through to a deepening demonology:

The Tarotreektys Diagram
Liber Sefirot
Liber Gematria.
Liber Tahuti.
Liber Tzaddi.
Liber Nigris: The Story Of 'Frater Nigris' And 'I Am I'.
Liber Qliphoth: The Shells of the Tree of Life.
     Roots of the Tree of Life
and A Biodendritic Tetrahedron.

DRAW from the Plebeian Tarot.

Also consult the Plebe directory in its entirety.