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Divination Web's navigational and symbolic map

A mighty Tree of Life, stretching upward as far as the eye can see, extending through seven portals horizontally to trails, paths, avenues, and buildings, thence to a zodiacal wilderness. This is the center of Divination Web, and the entirety of the known universe, as it ultimately contains all other spheres, channels, shells, and tunnels which may be encountered here.

The interior of this massive tree trunk is gigantic, spanning some 80 feet, and its interior is carved with sigils and other arcane iconography both inspiring and unsettling in its power and majesty. Butterflies, bees, and flies roam about, enjoying the crisp Spring air. Vases with beautiful flowers are set on small tables throughout, giving the immense room a heavenly, perfumed air.

     Sunday; East; Sun; out - A circle with a dot has been painted over the arch leading to the East.

     Monday; South; Luna - Beautiful silver seashell-encrusted filigree over this arch emphasizes lunar and ocean designs.

     Tuesday; Northwest; Mars; male - Silhouettes of impaled individuals ornament either side of a garish portal leading outside the Tree of Life.

     Wednesday; Northeast; Mercury - A caduceus has been painted above this portal.

     Thursday; Southeast; Jupiter - A portal with a hammer carved into the wood above it.

     Friday; Southwest; Venus; female - Hearts surround this portal atop which a circle and cross figure is painted.

     Saturday; North; Saturn - A portal with a painted webbed, forked tail!

     West - An equal-armed cross surrounded by a circle is imprinted upon this half-visible portal. Is it a closet or a passage out?

     down; sink - The wooden floor of a mighty Tree of Life, stretching upward as far as the eye can see, extending through seven portals to trails and buildings, thence to zodiacal wilderness.

          '29 Qoph; Moon; Pisces' - A full moon, howling dogs welcome Her!

          '31 Shin; Judgement; Fire' - An angel in the sky calls you out to a distant Star.

          '32 Tau; Universe; fly; up' - A gigantic 'T' shape in the sky.

VOID - Depart into the space between the worlds.