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Divination Web's navigational and symbolic map

Name: Divination Web (I, II, III, and IV)
Framework: TinyMuck
Purpose: Networking and experimentation in a TinyMuck involving spiritual and occult concepts/practices.
Theme: Unrestricted
Originated: January 9, 1993
Server Owner: Joseph Traub (Moonchilde)
Managers: nagasiva yronwode (Fr. Nigris/Hsi Wang Mu), Shawn Knight, Lainie Petersen, Peter Key (li'ir), Richard Hoffman (Caledhaern), Karl A. Hribernik (Maldoror)
Description: Purpose: Networking and experimentation in a TinyMuck involving spiritual and occult concepts/practices. A Multi-User Dimension dedicated to the study and networking of occultism and spirituality. its thematic structure centers on the immense Tree of Life forming the Axle to a Zodiacal-Planetary Wheel, extending in seven spokes as the days of the week. having completed the abstract conventional Tree of Life and environment rooms atop the main room, additional outlets for group activities and particular (temple-palace of immortality) styles as well as initiatory trajectory into a tetraktys. public area completed; initiatory trajectories.
History: Joseph Traub and nagasiva yronwode initiated the the Divination Web project, dedicating it to the subjects of the occult and spirituality, after discussing essays written by nagasiva about Multi-User Dimensions (MUDs) and the use of them for cyber-ritual and mysticism, such as:

NonGame MUDs
Liber MUD

It lasted for several years (until as late as 2008), during which we created 4 different server configurations and, after some dispute and an evaporation of general interest in continuing to build or maintain the content and hardware, it briefly moved to another server (at Hollyfeld.org, hosted by Daniel Garcia), and then folded.

Before it did, i recorded the text into files for later use, and in 2020 i regurgitated this text into a wiki framework for showcasing and exploration by the interested (here at Avidyana.org). To enter the Divination Web, click on its name and you'll be taken to the base of the Tree of Life therein.

Here's an advertizement for the fourth incybnation of this project's server:

Announcing DIV! The _only_ MUD dedicated to occult and spiritual interests, where you can:

  • - construct your favorite symbol-system (and walk through it afterwards!)
  • - build an esoteric text-visualization (perfect for instruction/practice!)
  • - experiment with such things as cyber-ritual and cyber-religion.
  • - network and play in the medium of a nifty TinyMuck

Drop by and check it out. Contact us in email for additional information regarding building and programming. After you've connected and created a character, join the DIV! Elist and find out about all the fabulous ways that you can connect with your cybershaman friends. DIV!
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