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Dozen School of Instant Enlightenment

do ('way') - zen ('absorption') (Japanese)

The Dozen school teaches an approach in which discipline is not the primary aspect of the practice, one's very life becoming the foundation of one's study.

The school is falsely said to have originated in China (as so many Japanese things do!), founded on a practice called "tao-ch'an", and developed out of the habits of lazy ch'an buddhist monks who either found what they sought in their practices or got burned out and discovered a more powerful (and therefore dangerous!) method.

Legend has it that from China it became assimilated with the seventh of the eight folds in the 8-fold Path of Nirvana in Buddhism, though many Dozen Masters have said that it is not especially a Buddhist (so much as a buddhist) school. As 'right mindfulness' (Pali 'samma-sati'), the legend continues, it found its way into the Japanese culture and therefore came under the scrutiny of the buddhist community at large as the foundation of a school all unto its own (originally without a name).

For a sample of the text from the school of Dozen, have a peek at one of the public records on such subjects as reality, monk mind, upaya, the slide into nirvana, desires, ambition, and faith.

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