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(From the Plebeian School of QBL)



The graphic convention for QBL expression is a mystico-religious map of categorical qualities to encompass any phenomena soever in a correspondence matrix usable for magic and divination called 'Trees of Life'. These are generally composed of 10 circles, sometimes with a semi-qualifying 11th just below what is called 'The Supernal Triad' (see below). These circles, referred to as sefirot (individually, sefira) are connected by lines or strips which may intersect or overlap to show depth and sequence. In a morphological analysis of these maps, it is clear that there are a finite number of variations that are common to them.

Supernal Triad


Proceeding from the uppermost sector of the figures, most feature paths linking the topmost circle with the next two below it (this being the Supernal Triad previously mentioned) yet whether a cross-bridging path is placed between the secondary and tertiary circles is the basis for the first variation in the figures.


The second variation which is common is whether they contain the 'bridge' path between the first and sixth sefirot, sometimes called 'The Sword Bridge' which spans across what is called 'The Abyss' or 11th (pseudo-) sefira. This additional sefira is itself the next variation in tree of life diagrams. It is sometimes rendered as a dotted circle, sometimes located underneath paths, and sometimes atop (usually continual) paths crossing this area of the tree. The sefira's name is often given as "Da'at", meaning 'knowledge'.

First Juncture Variations


Proceeding as we are down the sefirotic tree, this is the first variation of juncture, and can be informed by the ideology of emanation, creation, or generation employed, conceptions pertaining to the manner of behaviour of the divine driving the supposition and logic brought to bear. Deeper levels ought indicate precursing phenomena, layers positing time's passage and the queer characteristic that the Tree of Life has dimensions strictly within its sefirotic structure that are discernable and here garishly distributed like entrails and carcasses and skulls carefully arranged in sequence by biological system.

11th Sefira

The 11th (pseudo-) sefira mentioned before, is itself the next variation in tree of life diagrams. It is sometimes rendered as a dotted circle, sometimes located underneath paths, and sometimes atop (usually continual) paths crossing this area of the tree. The sefira's name is often given as "Da'at", meaning 'knowledge'.


Sometimes this sefira is no different than all the others, but usually it is declinated by interruption in its graphic and described as subsidiary or false or ephemeral in some derived or projected manner.

More Trans-Abysmal Paths


Occasionally within sefirotic trees there are paths other than the Sword Bridge which cross the Abyss as well. These are unusual variants but are also showcased in these 11th sefira graphics. Other specific paths beyond the conventional Sword Bridge (1-6) and those between the Supernal and Middle Triads (2-5, 3-4) are those unusual paths extending into the Middle Triad otherwise from the uppermost (1-3, 1-4).

Middle Triad Variations

First Juncture

Common configurations


Typically the first juncture of the Middle Triad moving down the sefirotic tree is symmetrical in its overlapping, with both right and left vertical paths either superior or inferior, the central Sword Bridge being variable. The vast preponderance of these common configurations are horizontal superior across all vertical paths, though it is not universal to be sure.

Unusual configurations


I found few instances of asymmetry and no instances of asymmetry with vertical superior. I would mark those unusual sefirotic trees as anomalies or specialized constructs. Maybe they indicate something about emanation, as was conjectured above.

In very usual diagrams such as appear at the top of this page, there may not be any connecting path horizontally at all, but these are extremely unusual and perhaps rudimentary of composition.

Second Juncture

The second juncture of the Middle Triad may or may not, alike to the first juncture, have a horizontal path. More often than not, such a path exists. In simple or perhaps specialized or rudimentary versions of sefirotic tree this is omitted.

Lower Triad Variations


The variation in the Lower Triad concerns the external paths leading from the lowermost sefira to those above it. Most contain two paths extending on the outside of the structure, yet some do not.

Peculiar Tree Variations

Of course there are all manner of experimental sefirotic tree variations extending even beyond our ability to assess or comprehend. One of these is pictured here, of a tetraktyl variant compounding the number of sefira across the structure. It has been colour-coded here with the variations mentioned above it so that its parallel structures might be evaluated for variant and composition.



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