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Art from Baraldi's "Tarot of the Journey to the Orient": 'The Fool' card

76 -- FOOL

Raw, ungoverned id; the playful, new, fresh obliviousness which might yield catastrophe or miracles depending on its connection to insight and grounding.

As the initiator of movement, connected as it is to all local energies, the explosion of novel incentive and enthusiasm, The FOOL participates both in beauty and ridiculousness; effulgence, power, and folly.

Massively variable in character, its effect will almost entirely depend on context and associated cards. As a solitary card, read as a distinct and critical warning. As an adjunct to a calamity, it indicates immediate redirection is needed. Otherwise, its lackadaisical and carefree attitude may simply be an adornment on a pleasant and enjoyable success.

With respect to magic and pathworking, this card indicates an abundance of energy available unconstrained by governing forces.

The Fool enjoys a special place in Occult Tarot history insofar as it is described as the central figure in the Adventure of the Cards, is provided a salvific and energizing key role as psychopomp and networker. Along with the Hanged Man and The Lovers, this is the card most often diversified as to its significance, malleable in how to interpret within a reading.

Numerology: Page 76; Path 11; FOOL (21); Sol (10).

Art from Oswald Wirth's Tarot: "le Bateleur" card

77 -- MAGE

The MAGE, or Magician, or Juggler, is the fulcrum of deliberate action. It conveys both social engagement as well as deceptive manipulation of an audience.

In combination with very negative cards or as a part of a layout in which the recommendation for action is depicted, the MAGE indicates a capacity to exercize strong influence and transmute situations to one's advantage.

This is the ultimate card for performance of magic, and as a pathworking focus it may become catalyzing and initiatory.

This card, second only to the WITCH, is thought to represent either a skill for magic on the part of the querent, or that a witch or sorcerer may be contacted by the querent for services.

Numerology: Page 77; Path 12; Mage (17); Mercury (40).

Art from Oswald Wirth's Tarot: "le Papess"

78 -- WITCH

This is the card of occult insight and intuitive mastery. Its importance to the conversation of the Oracle with the querent should not be underestimated.

Along with the QUEEN, STAR, and UNIVERSE trumps, this is a primary feminine power of the deck. The WITCH's sacerdotal and religious powers are implied by the alternate title "Popess", and her importance to the Plebeian Tree of Life is disclosed by the assignment of Pisces (this AEon's zodiacal initiator) and her passage across the Abyss (between Saturn and Neptune). She thus functions as a Guardian of the Mysteries in conventional and Plebeian arrangements.

Spell-casting is enhanced by the appearance of the WITCH in any magic including her, and the pathwork connected with her is paramount as an attainment in Crossing the Abysmal Waters of the semi-sphere of Daath.

Crescents, Luna, the Pillars of the Temple, the Book of Law, and a throne are her primary icongraphy, and her spirit is always benefic and orienting. Appealing to the WITCH for skill in the use of the cards compares to seeking at the Spirit of the Crossroads for tutoring in the mastery of arts and musicianship.

Numerology: Page 78; Path 13; Witch (27); and Pisces (26).

Art from Indian religious iconography of Lakshmi

79 -- QUEEN

The QUEEN of love, earthy potency, and fecundity, she is the bounteous fountain of youth, gold, and beauty. Great beasts announce her supremacy, shower her in initiatic blessed waters, flowers are her vehicle and raiment.

As the wellspring of eroticism, reproduction, and seduction, where this trump appears some agent or force of pleasure or enjoyment is sure to be involved. Nature in service to nurture and preservation, the QUEEN improves and benefits all who cross her path.

Her magic is manifestation, renewal, and plenitude. Spellwork involving her will succor the sick, feed the needy, and bring lovers into each other's arms. Pathwork between the beneficence of Jupiter and the disciplines of Saturn is made bearable by the ally one has in this path.

She is giving, generous, and kindly. Her emblems are the comfortable recliner couch, the soft flowering bench of rest and recuperation, and the bed of delight. Her iconography is always of flourish, seed, and fruit, the symbol of Venus triumphant.

Numerology: Page 79, Path 14, Queen (26), and Venus (18).

Art from Pamela Colman Smith's Trump "The Emperor"

80 -- KING

Art from Lady Frieda Harris's Trump "The Hierophant"

81 -- GUIDE

Art from Lady Frieda Harris's Trump "The Lovers"

82 -- LOVE

Art from a composite of Pamela Coleman Smith's Trump "The Chariot" and a holy card for Saint Joan of Arc, collage with a crab embellishment by Nigris (333)

83 -- CART

Art from Mantegna's "Strength" Card

84 -- WILL

Art from Lady Frieda Harris's Trump "The Hermit"

85 -- MONK

Art from Oswald Wirth's Trump "Wheel of Fortune

86 -- WHEEL

Art from Lady Frieda Harris's Trump "Adjustment"


Art from Christian religious iconography of Jesus Christ

88 --

Art from Etteilla's Trump "Death"

89 -- DEATH

Art from Lady Frieda Harris's Trump "Art"

90 -- ART

Art from a traditional Marseilles Trump "Le Diable"

91 -- FOE

Art from Pamela Colman Smith's Trump "The Tower"

92 -- WAR -- NAME

Art from a Lenormand "Mountain" card, improved by Nigrs (333)

93 -- MOUNT

Art from a photograph of a tree

94 -- TREE

Art from a Lenormand "Clouds" card, tiled

95 -- CLOUD

Art from Pamela Colman Smith's Trump "The Star"

96 -- STAR

Art from Oswald Wirth's Trump "le Lune"

97 -- MOON

Art from Lady Frieda Harris's Trump "The Sun"

98 -- SUN

Art from Vladimir Kush's "Sunrise by the Ocean" combined with a modified Superman drawn by Joe Shuster


Art from Lady Frieda Harris's Trump "The Universe"



101 -- {BLANK}

Art from the Blue Owl Lenormand '10 Scythe' with Visconti-Sforza King of Coins and Jack of Diamonds inset


Art from YYZ

### -- NAME