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Walking Zen

|Can anyone tell me anything about a technique I have heard 
|referred to as Walking Zen?

zen attention (mindfulness) with slow walking; good for taking a breather
 from zazen.  I'm sure there are many techniques.  I asked a temple leader
 in Chicago how it was done recently and this is my best memory of his
 explanation (I'd never participated in such practice with a group but
 had heard of it many times before):

right hand in fist, left hand covering both, centered and level upon chest
 or abdomen

breath in and lift one foot slowly, relax breathing and time 'walk' with
 in and out-breaths, reaching the apex of in-breath at height of foot,
 expelling and out as foot is firmly planted

the objective is to move very slowly, attending to all sensations and
 thoughts/feelings which arise during movement.  when there is a group,
 sometimes it is valuable to coordinate breathing/walking.   look at 
 floor in front of where you are, and relax as much as possible

I have heard that this is popular within a sesshin or extended day of
 zazen, as it gets circulation flowing in legs and rest of body.  I've
 also been told that Thich Naht Hahn focusses on this as well as more
 stationary forms of mindfulness in his seminars or large gatherings