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True Speech

|# 	The sun may cool off and the moon may heat up,
|# 	but all the bedevilments there are cannot destroy true speech.
|# 	What is true speech?
|# 	Ninety percent accuracy is not as good as silence.
|# (Yueh-lin).
|# ------------------

|	I fear a man of frugal speech,
|	I fear a silent man.
|	Haranguer I can overtake,
|	Or babbler entertain.
|	But he who weigheth, while the rest,
|	Expend their furthest pound,
|	Of this man I am wary,
|	I fear that he is grand.
|                         - Emily

	All the manifested universe is my teacher.  
	Here is a small white square, blinking on my screen.  
	Here are people's words, those who struggle with
	the same qualities of existence as I.  Here are the 
	traces of life such as the shooting stars of the 
	autumn sky.

	The trees demonstrate their wisdom.  
	The clouds move without moving.