tasty flesh

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Men Don't Sit

|#> What is "Zen"...?

|# Zen is our conversation in this moment.

| How so?

focus, absorption, attention, awareness

|#> What is a "true" Zen Master?

|# Whoever is fully present to our conversation.
| How is this "presentness" determined, and by whom?

it is determined by rationalizers with nothing better to do.  the
 means is typically by reflecting on the structure or tangental content
 of an expression rather than connecting to the conversation itself

|#> Would everybody in this group agree with your way of knowing
|#> and your definitions of "Zen" and "Zen Master"?
|# Most of the enlightened people, yes.
| Who might they be?

not you

|#> If not, how do you know yours is correct?
|# There is no such thing as "correct".  Why bother knowing it[?]
| Are you saying that there is no correct/incorrect information on any
| topic at all, or only that there is no correct/incorrect information on
| the meanings of the words "know", "Zen" and "Zen Master"?

being enmeshed in the fishing hook net,
 Joshu decided to wrench himself free.

grasping the netting and all,
 he yanked with all his might,
 yet the hooks drove deeper and deeper
 into his flesh

crying out against them,
 Joshu began to inquire what wrong he had done,
 by what moral failing he had deserved this fate

the buddha, being compassionate and omnipresent,
 took that moment to speak through one of the hooks,
 in a manner directly transmitting to the mind of Joshu:

	"your flesh is tasty, Joshu"