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will zen happen?

# Lets say that you practice breath counting on your own (i.e. no zen
# center, no teacher, no fellow zen students).  

here center, all teachers, all students

# When do you know it is time to begin more advanced forms of zazen 
# (not that breath counting is exactly zazen)?  


# What should you take up after breath counting?

breath not-counting

# ...I breath count and breath count until I get really delusional 
# and stop practicing and then I'll read or hear something that will 
# remind me of what I was trying to accomplish (or in this case, 
# why I shouldn't be trying to "accomplish" anything) and start 
# up again.

# ...Would this all have been avoided if I had practiced in the 
# fellowship of others?  

hermits have tree friends

# Is it better that things worked out the way that they did?  

heads or tails?

# How should my practice proceed?

total destruction

# I'm probably thinking too much.  I should probably just do what I'm
# doing avoid past pit falls and what will happen will happen?

will happen didn't happen