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|>|Do Zen Buddhists do chanting?

|>yes, chanting is a part of traditional zen meditation (between long
|> sittings, for example, and as part of walking meditation upon occasion.
|> the Heart of Wisdom Sutra is often chanted and bows are made to the
|> altar upon which the Buddha sits, the Teacher, and to the Cushion or
|> Zafu.  I'm sure it varies considerably.  some temples chanted in
|> Japanese (CA), some in English (IL)

|Why is chanting done?

chanting is sometimes used as a form of meditation within Buddhism.
 it can of course affect the breathing, and this may in turn effect
 a peculiar state of consciousness upon the chanter.  it may inspire
 a group cohesion and comparisons, becoming a distraction and/or
 functioning as skillful means in awakening