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The Problem of Experience

|...What is the problem of experience? 

the problem of experience is what the modern Scientists have not yet come
 to grips with -- the resolution of the subject and object subsequent to the
 cartesian split and dispensing with Platonic forms of material perfection

the problem is 'what is experience if there is no consistent experiencer?'

|Are you saying that in order to have an experience there needs to 
|"exist" an experiencer?

that is the common-sense argument, yes

|...there is the experience, but no experiencer. 

I disagree.  :>  there is experiencer, but it is merely not consistent.
 we do not say that the wave 'does not exist', only that it is composed
 of different contents (water-volume) at each moment as it moves along

|In meditation you can experience the lack of a self, 

nobody can experience a lack of self.  that is a contradiction in
 terms and constitutes a meaningless reference

|the lack of any entity other than the 5 skandhas. 

I suggest that there is some dispute as to the *existence* of this
 'self' or whatever we might call fluxuating wheel of samsara that
 our karma powers, and, not only this, but that the 5 skandhas may
 or may not constitute elements of this 'false self', but in any
 case may substantiate a centrality into which they aggregate

I do not dispute that the centrality changes continuously, but I 
 cannot say it 'does not exist' -- I am rather convinced with 
 Descartes of the opposite, however, though not the longlastingness
 or individuation of this existence as some sort of separate entity 
 (I have not disproved to myself what is called among Buddhists
 interdependent origination, and find this to be a more centrally-
 agreed-upon doctrine than that of a particular interpretation of
 no-self or sunyata

these are overly complex concepts and I welcome correction as to their
 particular meanings should your tradition or vision vary from what
 is presented above (upaya comes in strange form at times)

|This experience is very convincing. Give it a try.

certainty is the downfall of true practice