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Dallun School of Neo-Tantric Monasticism

doll' - un (Arabic) : adventurers/strayers

Neo-tantric monasticism is a discipline in which the indulgences of the world are combined with the restrictions of the monastery weaving together all polarities. "Bringing the world to the monastery and finding the contemplative within the world" is how one Dallun monk describes it.

The Dallun school has no doctrines of its own. It teaches of the truth and falsity of all scripture and the value of deriving one's own practice and doctrines in response to intuitive exploration.

It was founded as the basis of this incarnation of the Avidyana tradition, and the founder professes biases toward a wide variety of notorious teachers (Sri Catyananda, Al Hallaj, and Chang Tao Ling, to name but a few).

Exemplary texts from the Dallun school are::

A Taxonomy of Sex Magic, Sexual Magick, and Magical Sex
Review of a Nyingma Yeshe Tsogyal Empowerment
Black Magick and the Left-Hand Path
Book of Blood
Liber Agape
Liber Conjunctus.

also consult the Dallun directory in its entirety.