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A Taxonomy of Sex Magic, Sexual Magick, and Magical Sex

by xiwangmu (tyagi nagasiva ((later) yronwode)), 1996 with cat yronwode, 1998

I. Sex Magic (paganus)

magic applied during sex

a) Battery => energy-storage; astral or physical containment of generated energy
(G. W. Savory's Passive Copulation)

b) Possession => being entrapped or ensnared or possessed by demons or other non-deities
(Merlyn and Nimue; succubi; Lilith)

c) Divination => oracle; reflective contact with the Otherworld
(P. B. Randolph)

d) Great Rite => mediation; engaging or channeling the gods or a god
(Harris' Lily Queen; heterae)

II. Sexual Magick (gnostikos)

magick using sexual energies/fluids

a) Dedication => energy direction; direct application of generated energy toward conscious ends
(A. B. Stockham; P. B. Randolph)

b) Love Entrapment => enchantment, ensorcelment, or ensnarement of the sexual partner
(nation sack, menstrual blood in coffee)

c) Healing => generation, accumulation and release of sexual energy into the beloved for the purpose of physical healing
(G. W. Savory; P. B. Randolph; A. B. Stockham)

d) Immortality => generation, movement, and accumulation of sexual energy for the purpose of prolonging one's own life indefinitely
(Chinese Taoist Sex Alchemy)

e) Sigilization => glyphs; talismans; construction of a spell using effluvic symbols/letters
(Austin Osman Spare; TOPY)

f) Consecration => baptism; effluvic initiation, blessing, aspergation, anointing, or naming of an individual, tool, or place
(christening / dressing)

g) Worship Service => eucharist; agapic feast; the celebration of the sacred mysteries of Eros, Genesis, and Thanatos through consummation and consumption of effluvia
(Gnostics, Cathars, Nasrullah, yoni/linga puja, Black Mass)

III. Magical Sex (tantra/rosicrucia/shih)

magic caused by certain types or effects of sex

a) Malefaction => curse; psychospiritual disruption or destruction, often via deceit and/or incest
(Arthur and Morgana)

b) Prophesy => necromancy; communion with the dead and the resultant foreknowledge obtained via sex in a grave or with a corpse
(Walter Mapp)

c) Conception => creation of magical or daemonic offspring by coordinating elementary, planetary, and zodiacal influences, or animation of siphoned sexual energies
(Magical Child)

d) Transformation => shape-change; alteration of experiential form in response to particular sexual movements
(sexual were-being)

e) Immersion => tantra yoga; neo-tantra; karezza; magnetizing; obliteration of surface consciousness through gradual ecstatic overload
(panchatattva; A. B. Stockham; J. W. Lloyd)

f) Great Work => alchemy; catalytic transformation and rarefaction of consciousness due to sex under synchronized psychospiritual conditions

xiwangmu (tyagi nagasiva ((later) yronwode), November, 1996

cat yronwode (, August, 1998 (c) 1998 yronwodes
6632 Covey Road
Forestville, CA 95436