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Source of Satisfaction

|	evermore yearning
|	better lodging, views
|	comfortable rest, seat
|	reflection, dawn
|	the smile of poems
|			nagsho

 what is it that allows satisfaction?
 one moment unsettled, wandering elsewhere,
 another peaceful repose

does the act of repose trigger the feeling,
 or is it an inner decision allowed
 to bubble from a source of inspiration and wisdom?

quiet solitude surely encourages this bubbling.
 waterfront jogging; clear-sighted tea watching
 the waves from afar; huddled reflection in a
 chance poem, sundrenched corner

so many other days this feeling never comes.
 hold the hands out cupped and no rain falls

suddenly, disaster strikes. addressed I am
 thankful for little things, casting about
 to escape boredom, and discovering blissful
 heaven in the chance scrawl without technical
 requirement (such as sitting at a desk tapping
 a keyboard) or social etiquette (as in the
 reply to a letter)

the pen truly is mightier than the MSWord. type
 codifies without expression of life except in
 style, whereas the written word in all but the
 most controlled calligraphy depicts the very
 mood and tone of the writer. haphazard typing
 illustrates grogginess or inattention, myopia
 or technical inexpertness. haphazard writing
 implies something similar, perhaps a greater
 deficit of forethought and dexterity, clarity
 or presence

there are no true curves in cyberspace. all
 movements contribute to the designation of
 faux script as resident in a strict X-Y
 coordinate system. the most extreme sign of
 life is the ability to flush right or to
 reverse the content of one's contribution

being thrust from rest, a return is welcomed,
 perhaps inspirational toward satisfaction.
 maybe the Guru trains us to relax and then
 finds ways to trick us into returning to
 this blessed state

and just as suddenly, obscured by clouds