When Problems Arise Seek the Dharma

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absent noticing problems,
Buddhism is unimportant.
noticing problems,
learning the Dharma ensues.

taking up the tool,
employing it commences.
benefitting from the tool,
evaluation of what remains proceeds.

conceived as finite,
hope develops for cessation
as the success of the method.
conceived as continual,
evaluating the problem
must be reinterpreted.

dwelling only in the present,
problems could be overlooked.
once instituting a change
to a routine use of the tool,
problems cyclically arise and lapse,
or are reinterpreted

modes of operation change.
problem-solving is one dharmic mode,
whereby progress may be attained.
repose is another dharmic mode
practicing dwelling in the present
whereby progress may be enjoyed.

abandoning problem-solving,
planning to attain may cease.
abandoning repose,
working to attain may cease.

ceasing planning for attainment,
if no problems are noticed, perfect!
ceasing working for attainment,
if no problems are noticed, perfect!

when problems arise,
seek the Dharma!