Pussy Like Menarchy

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(Praises To Him Who Thinks Well Of It)

My beautiful queen
the quim of grail holies
let everything i smell be you
when your Babalon Cup receives me
oh Tyet! that Isis Knot and Girdle!
so when you come bleeding
with a champion like me
please ladies
have my friend ready
smelling like Aunt Flo
on the rag, sure you know
you gotta let me be your pad
talking bout your sanguinary napkin towel cloth
all up inside you swimming in menarchy
swan diving into that protective cup
put my finger down there
and give me the Bindu Dot of Devotion
so please ask me
to be your A. I. O., your Knightly Garter
like something that came from the Countess of Salisbury
let's reach the pinnacle of pussy
Quint's Adventures and Rachel's Little Red Book
with some tampon or kotex blessings
I might get to lick

copyright 2018, a taoist city monk (nagasiva yronwode)
{An Answer Poem to 'Pussy Like Water' by Twan G.}
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