My Dalmations May Eat Your Zebra

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Lamenting the Destruction of Shade
Brown Vs the Board of Precipitation

What is inside
The terrible darkness we will not face
Every single denial emerging to a new assault

Endless wishes for light and bright futures
Happy dancing dreams of peace
Interrupted by slashing, bloody limbs
Tear stained cheeks battered and bruised
Disillusioned and broken
The painful reality
A floor again and again
The recipient of head slamming

But keep the altar spotless
Set no black magic upon me
And watch the gas cannisters fly
Slow motion in the air
Blinking red, white, and blue lights

Bombs bursting in air
Gave proof through the night
That indictment was not there
Oh say does that victory you seek
Have any peace left in it?
In the land of the 'V'
Where freedom is still craved

Black God, Black Jesus, Black Jack
Kicked back to painful awareness
This booted thug
Keeps swiping my cigars and cell phones
Won't let me bash in a window
From within my blood puddling under my head

And in the Heartland
Cuddling angry pundits
Strike fear into digital seamstresses

Black Friday, Black Tuesday, Black Heaven
Cradling my sinless heart
Feigning revolution with Tools of the Man
Will you send me next to slay foreigners?
Can we see the actual threat
Beyond the Lusitanias and WMD?

Whether domestic or extravagant
Pussy footing or missile-hardened
The time for protest is upon us
When women are used as slanders
When children are brandished as shields
When no shadow shall remain unlit
When no spot shall remain unbleached
When there is no room for compromise
And when vengeance is on the lips
Of mourners and those demanding justice

Swing low, sweet scythe
Coming for to bury me soon
Swing low, sweet water wheel
Giving me a far too good deal

Make mine the submission, Lord
Make it contrition, Goddess
Help me reject the means of my undoing
Riddle me with the tears of my perfection

Pick up the body, form the wake,
Expect no redeemers
All the black keys are ready
All the white shiny teeth are smiling
Prepare the spotless flag
We may handle with crisp white gloves
Then wrap it as a shroud
Around another Brown body
Inconveniently interrupting our program
And set it on the curb for pick-up
Thankful that at least he was spared the indignity
Of Waterboarding
Or having electrodes secured to his genitals.

copyright 2018, a taoist city monk (nagasiva yronwode)