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Ignorance the Fall Guy

| Removing Ignorance IS Enlightenment


	Ignorance IS the Fall Guy for Overintellectualism 
| our concept of Enlightenment remains, deep down, "Not me, not this 
| time, not this life, it's too big, I'm not good enough!"  ...the 
| only thing that stands in the way of Enlightenment is ignorance. 
| ...ignorance as in a lack of knowledge....

ignorance makes enlightenment possible. being able to ignore some
 portion of the cosmos allows maturation and, when refined, meditation.
 removing ignorance would merely result in an oceanic disorientation

re childhood
| ...Your ignorance was replaced by proper, though conceptual knowledge 
| of a thing....

a crude and inadequately particular conceptual system which functions 
 as a linguistic association schema allowing the categorization of
 perceived phenomena, not the assimilation of experience

| ...Enlightenment, as most people understand it, is also a 
| misconception. It is a misconception based on the larger
| misconception of who one truly is. So when people start seeking
| Enlightenment, from the very beginning they are too often looking 
| for the wrong thing or in the wrong direction....

an 'experience' rather than a fundamental shift in consciousness

| ...Enlightenment is a concept. 

the concept of enlightenment is a concept, the phenomenon of
 enlightenment (nirvana) is not

| You are a concept, or who you think you are is. 

thoughts about ANYTHING are conceptual

| To find out who you really are, to directly experience who you 
| truly are, the first and most important thing is to give up all 
| of your concepts of who you think you are. You must be freed 
| from all of your misconceptions to recognize Truth. 

misconceptions must indeed fall away, but "giving them up" while
 stuck in modes of conceptualization is nearly impossible

| when you remove all un-reality, what you have left is Reality.  

by definition, but these too are merely concepts

| ...when you have released all misconceptions about who you are,
| let go of who you're not, what is left is That which you are! 

"letting go of" this is not so easy as it might at first seem, 
 but much more simple than can be conceptualized

| The difficulty is that we believe our survival is based on 
| who we think we are, and that if we give that up we'll die.  

the existential quandry doesn't really lead to death, it leads
 to uncertainty and the quagmire of philosophic agnosticism,
 a horror so palpably challenging that all hallowed authorities 
 must be destroyed in order to engage it

| Guess what, you will. But only to ignorance. And you'll be 
| reborn to Truth.

here, truly, is the epistophilic dream -- one founded on falsity,
 based on the very intellectual dualism which those who espouse
 it claim it will solve -- ignorance is also a concept. it is 
 not the problem, and no amount of knowledge will 'cure' it
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