Emptiness and Nihilism

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Nihilism is roundly chastized by Buddhism,
along with essentialism.
Therefore the Dharma of No-Dharma
is not nihilism,
but a smiling flower for Mahakasyapa.

Radical decentralization does not mean
vacuity of sense or guidance,
but instead points to the present-centered,
8-Fold Marga Formula.

Hierarchs and demogogues
want the Dharma of All Dharma,
everlasting and sacrosanct.
Who can blame them?
Do not question, just practice.

Nothingness is not a reality.
Nobody can see it,
and the suchness which has no own being
never produces anything.
It too is burdened by the
presence of its operation,
and the skepticism
regarding its existence,
even by its expositor.