Death of a House Flea

From Avidyana
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Infinite forces have connecting channels
Bending them innately into webs of complexity

Pattern too expansive for comprehension lies dormant
Beneath the phenomenal world of observation

Heirarchic occult structures
Apex in nexi beyond reasonable calculation

Ultra-sensitive pressure-points of universal influence
Permeate the continuum of manifestation

Challenging the creation of other dimensions
With a seemingly insignificant action

A Spring cleaning, a routine repellant;
A can of insecticide used to douse a particular corner

Sits within the shag rug

The Flea Fulcrum Cosmique - Crux of existence
Is extinguished by the casual cleaner

Rug, floor, room, house dissolve
Ever-widening, a nothingness develops as reality's veil is lifted

Galaxy, Universe flickers and goes out like a candle flame
Blown by the winds of insecticide

All is silent and calm
Echoes of Flea death reverberate back and forth

In emptiness

copyright 1999, a taoist city monk (nagasiva yronwode)