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Shaitan School of Dialectic Antagonism

Transgressive ritualistic martial fecundity, extensively outrageous presumption is applied in the pursuit of service to holistic, ecological ideals.

In response to alarmist and panicking need, via a legitimation in pact-making, after the purgation of a fantastic scripture, Demonic Satanism made its way into clarity guided by the very Devil, and several documents await examination in its aftermath:.

Manifesto Satanika.
Adversarial Aeon Year 5 Begins with Crossroads Ritual.
Demoniac Grimoire.
Marshalling the Armies of Darkness.
How to Sell Your Soul to Satan (Troll Towelhead video)
The Gospel of Satan
and Demonic Satanism.

Also consult the Shaitan directory in its entirety.