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Huntun School of Taoist Magick

huntun :: primordial chaos // Way Making

As a function of unpredictable, patternless expression, the Way nonetheless has currents and rhythms whose very basis may be ridden or surfed as part of a subtle mastery. the Huntun School prepares deft and dangerous tools for the interested to leverage a novelty of mystic prowess against or within these currents.

Its mysterious origins and numerical amusements make what appears to be structured somewhat obscure and what appears disorganized much more clear. A few sample texts from the Huntun School include::
Change Oracle.
Kathulu Majik: Luvkrafting the Roles of Modern Uccultizm
A Tail of Two Realities.
The Classic of Magick Squares: Research on I Ching and Magick Squares.
The Lazy Path - A Short Work of Spontaneity.

Also consult the Huntun directory in its entirety.