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Gnostik School of Cognitive Insight

Knowledge Intuited Through Derivation

The basis for revelation and prophecy, Gnosis inspired by ceremonial and ritual measures or lofty contemplation and internal scrutiny provides the opportunity to discern the limitations of convention and staid rigour. Those who carry on the standards of laying the foundation and yet discover the groundbreaking illumination possible through these methods give future generations the means to soar.

The Gnostik school is geared toward the individual who intersects with cults and lineages, yet who finds, like Hardy's hero, pieces of many paths can be combined into a weave of fruitful purpose. Explorations and adventures therefore comprise the curriculum, which such texts as:

Liber MUD: The MUD as a Basis for Western Mysticism.
A Preliminary Vision to a Relationship with Ordo Templi Orientis.
A Second Inspired Vision of the Ordo Templi Orientis.
Liber Augoeides: The Mystery of the Holy Guardian Angel.
Liber Al As-If: Issues in Authenticating and Identifying Arcane Novelties, From the Necronomicon to the Book of the Law
Liber Wizardus.
Reflections of a Sufi Evening.

Also consult the Gnostik directory in its entirety.