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Eldar School of Neopaganism and Witchcraft

el (star) - dar (people) (Elven/Tolkien)

From the deep of the woods and the fae Underworld, the Eldar explain their subtle cosmology and spiritual ecology, in all its witchy, wonderful ways. With the symbolism of stars both geometric and celestial, the people of the hidden grottos disclose mystery and poetry at one and the same time.

The Eldar are variable and eclectic, supporting the confluence of amiable contributors to their ways. Below you may find some sampling from a visitor to our realm, or a kindred to theirs, including:

Lorax's Book of Shadows.
Liber Wicca.
Journey into Shambhala.
Liber Mordred.

Also consult the Eldar directory in its entirety.