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The contents of this site are © copyright 2019-2020 nagasiva yronwode (webmaster). All rights reserved. Every effort has been made to supply credit where credit is due. Contact the site owner via Facebook or phone for permission to reproduce content.

Divination Web:
The attributions of the Paths, Spheres, and Trumps associated to the Tree of Life (sefiroth; dayside) are derived from Golden Dawn traditions, the various Tarot cards selected from Occult Tarot decks preferred by the webmaster. Efforts have been made to ensure artistic credit.

The attributions of the Tunnels, Shells, and demons or genii associated to the Tree of Death (qliphoth; nightside) are derived from Thelemic traditions, particularly drawing on works such as "Liber 231" by Aleister Crowley and "Nightside of Eden" by Kenneth Grant. The Tunnel rooms were constructed by the webmaster, and the imagery assigned to the Shells were created by the webmaster, or were selected from found art online; efforts were made to provide credit to the artists as soon as it could be discovered who was responsible for their creation.