A Poem of Beginnings

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Let twilight fall from my eyes
I have no heart to hold back the night
Darkness come
Smother me in your cold embrace
The shadow of evil grows dense
In your cavernous pit
Fear calls my name as I realize
My name has been stolen
From my very being
A name?
The chasm widens and I fall
Deadly height, oh wanton desire
Doom encounter
Precious Mystery laden
Pulled downward into despair-wrought
Spinning, falling forward, diving pain explosion
Unbearable pressure
Fire tendrils of torture to sear
From being's last traces of Oneness
Fever of migraine choking
Breaking bones in pinned suffocated agony
Stroking heart attack on intestinal cramp beyond endurance
Tendons, muscles resisting
Torn limb from limb
Fire hands in enzyme formula of deepest insect sleep
Groin exploding and shattered by a thousand needles
Saving the most sensitive to last
Into the Mouth of Kaos
Threatened by dissolution
Chewn into countless fragments
The fear resolves into tasteless insignificance
Swallowed by the Ageless Void
Digested by the Eternal Silence
Propelled past the moons of Uranus
The excrement, tao, is born

copyright 2018, a taoist city monk (nagasiva yronwode)